Information on Returns

For a new return, call your US Lock Sales Representative at 1-800-925-5000.

Return Goods Policy


  1. All returned merchandise including over-shipments, defects, repairs, cancellations, refusals, wrong shipments, etc., are to be handled by an account manager. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.
  2. All discrepancies (shortages, incorrect shipments, etc.) must be claimed within 5 days after receipt of material. All other requests for returns must be submitted within 30 days of invoice date. Counter pick-up orders must be inspected for discrepancies at the time of the physical pick-up of that order before leaving the counter.
  3. Safes delivered by common carrier (truck) must be inspected upon receipt. Any claims must be reported to a U.S. Lock account manager within 24 hours.
  4. Price differences must be submitted for verification within 30 days of invoice.


  1. RGAs will be issued for over-shipments, defects, repairs, cancellations and wrong shipments.
  2. No returns will be accepted unless accompanied by an RGA and/or UPS tag. (No tag is necessary for returns out of the continental U.S.)
  3. RGAs may be requested from U.S. Lock by contacting an account manager with the following information:
    • The invoice number, item number & quantity.
    • The reason for wanting to return the merchandise.
    • In the case of defects, a specific description of the defect is required. (So U.S. Lock can make the necessary corrections.)
  4. Only merchandise that has been authorized on the RGA with the weight identified on the tag will be accepted for inspection. Adding merchandise to an already existing RGA is unacceptable and credit will not be issued.
  5. There will be a 25% restocking charge on merchandise returned or refused for reasons other than defects or incorrect shipments. Customers will be charged freight on their error.
  6. All security hardware, electronic access control and machinery are subject to the manufacturer's return policy.
  7. Under no circumstances will U.S. Lock accept returned merchandise over $50.00 that has been used and deemed not defective.
  8. RGA expiration - 90 days from date of issue.


  1. The following products are non-returnable and require an order confirmation form signed by the customer in order to avoid any discrepancies: special orders, key machines, software, computerized equipment, code books, disks, computer software or installation manuals.
  2. All electronic devices such as strikes, magnets, access control units, key machines, wireless devices, biometric units, etc., as well as problems with finishes, are subject to manufacturers' return policy and may be repaired and returned solely at the manufacturer's discretion.
  3. In the case of damaged or opened shipping cartons, a damage report must be filed with the carrier before accepting the shipment. Original box must be presented to the carrier.


  1. Special factory ordering is a service we provide for U.S. Lock customers.
  2. All non-stock special orders must be accompanied by a written P.O. confirmation from the customer specifying exact item numbers and quantities; a deposit may be required.
  3. No special ordered item may be returned under any circumstance, except for a factory defect and then an RGA from our vendor is required first.