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The Home Depot ProPurchase Program for Your Business

Everyday Convenience

Shop in-store for last minute needs and for an expanded product selection.

One Account Billing

Use The Home Depot ProPurchase card in-store - all purchases appear on your U.S. Lock account invoice.

Multiple Cards and Spend Controls

Assign unique cards and spend limits to employees or locations.

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New Customer or No U.S. Lock Credit Line

With an existing line of credit, there are no credit applications needed and no new lines of credit issued. It's easy to enroll and order The Home Depot ProPurchase card for your business.

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To view and complete the card request worksheet in PDF format, click here to download.

To receive a ProPurchase card, a U.S. Lock account number and a U.S. Lock line of credit are needed. Follow these steps to get started on creating your line of credit and to enroll in the ProPurchase program:

  • Step 1: Download the credit application, which includes the necessary information to create a line of credit.
  • Step 2: Once you complete the credit application, click here to complete the online card request form, or call our Customer Service team at 800.401.7299 to set up your account and enroll in The Home Depot ProPurchase program.


How To
Use The Card

Who Can
Use The Card

One Account


Assign Spending

Expanded Product

How To Use The Card

  • Your ProPurchase card will be sent to you activated and ready to use.
  • At checkout, simply swipe your ProPurchase card to complete your in-store transaction. If you use self-checkout, select the credit button to complete the transaction.
  • Returns: Any item purchased using a card must be returned to a store. To make a return, present the original purchase receipt or your card. When an item is returned, the refunded amount will be credited to the available credit within one (1) banking day.

Who Can Use The Card?

  • Anyone who is authorized can be issued a card. You can determine who within your organization can manage setup, establish weekly or monthly spend limits, and designate who receives and uses the ProPurchase cards. There are no limits to the number of cards per company. An option to print a card name on each card is available to distinguish the purchases for each card. This name is visible on your invoice or statement.

One Account Billing

  • You will have unique visibility to all of your purchase transactions at The Home Depot retail stores when you use the ProPurchase card. All in-store purchases will be itemized and included on your U.S. Lock credit account, allowing for easy Account Payable management. Multiple cards can be set up for your account.
  • Electronic receipts will be emailed, immediately after each transaction, to a designated email address to ensure all in-store purchases are tracked.
  • You will continue to make your payments according to the terms and conditions of your U.S. Lock account.

Walk-In Convenience

  • The ProPurchase program adds the flexibility to shop at The Home Depot store locations nationwide for last-minute or same-day needs. Purchase products and services, including tool and truck rentals, in-store using your U.S. Lock account for payment.

Assign Spending Limits

  • To manage account spending, each card on your account can be set up with unique weekly or monthly spending limits.
  • In-store purchases are itemized on your account billing, and electronic receipts are emailed following each transaction for full account visibility.                                                            

Expanded Product Selection

  • In addition to the thousands of products available through U.S. Lock, the ProPurchase program allows you to use your U.S. Lock account to shop in The Home Depot stores nationwide to source all of your maintenance, repair, and operation product needs.
  • Supplement your U.S. Lock supply orders with access to an expanded, in-store product selection that includes lumber, drywall, insulation, windows, cement, masonry, and even tool and truck rentals.

  • Customer Service hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. — 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. EST. Customer Service is closed on Sundays. After the initial program setup, please allow 2 to 3 weeks to receive your new card(s).
  • Need to place an order today? Call our Customer Service team at 1-800-401-7299 to establish an account.
  • This program is also available for customers who use an eProcurement partner to place and manage their orders. To create a customized program, contact your Account Manager or the Customer Service team to initiate the setup process.

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By completing this form, you are requesting more information on the ProPurchase program. To sign up for your ProPurchase card today, please complete the Online Card Request Form.

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