Authorized Dealer Program

At U.S. Lock, we recognize that it is only through your success that we are successful. Thus, we aim to make the business of our core customer, the independent security professional, more profitable. One way we achieve our mission is through our Authorized U.S. Lock Dealer Program. The Program, which was the first program of its kind when it was created in 1985, continues to provide members with the tools needed to lock in the value for their residential and commercial customers. 

Dealer Program Member Benefits include:

  1. Premium Discounts
  2. Annual Volume Rebates
  3. Freight Discounts
  4. Promotional Signage
  5. Coop advertising Allowances
  6. Customized Catalogs
  7. Access to Dealer-Restricted Keyways (RX,RC)
  8. Business Building Referral Program

U.S. Lock

In addition, U.S. Lock Dealers can take pride knowing that they have the U.S. Lock brand name behind them. U.S. Lock products are designed with the security professional in mind. Our high-quality, exclusively branded line of U.S. Lock products have strong brand recognition in the market.

We can make you more profitable through our exclusive keyways

U.S. Lock Dealers gain access to business building tools like our dealer restricted keyways, which provide exclusive rights to a given keyway within a select geographic territory for subscribing dealers.

  • RX0
  • RX2
  • RC0
  • RX1
  • RX3
  • RC1

Hear what our Dealers are saying about our the Program

"When I started my business for the ground up, U.S. Lock was there to help me - even when I purchased very little. After a few years, U.S. Lock convinced me to join their dealer Program. Every year I'd get a rebate and every year the rebate would increase. When my business tripled, so did my rebate. If U.S. Lock didn’t look out for its customers (even the little ones like I used to be), not as many would have been successful businesses, and fewer still would be as proud as I am to display the US Lock Dealer logo."

James Hanna, J&M Lock